Why I should choose a dehydrated dog food instead of traditional kibbles?

With the purpose of feed your pet with a more natural and healthy diet. Dehydration process is carried out at gentle temperatures (approx. 60 ° C) compared to the extrusion process, in which the ingredients are subjected to conditions of high pressure and temperature (80-200 ° C). The advantage of using dehydration is to allow a better preservation of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in food.

What about dental health? People say that kibbles keeps pet’s teeth clean

Your pet will not have tartar problems with Summum if you provide it a proper dental care. Most of dogs who goes to the vet for dental problems usually eat dry diets, so feed your pet with dry food will not avoid dental problems. Regardless of diet, it’s necessary to provide a daily oral hygiene to your pet, that’s the best option to prevent tartar. The goal is teeth brush regularly; although it can be combined with other products like toys, bones or sprays, which can help too in tartar prevention. On the other hand, it is important an annual veterinarian revision of oral health and, if it is necessary, a professional dental cleaning.

Can dogs eat pork?

The idea that dogs can’t eat pork, it is due in part to old ways of feeding pets with raw wastes and pork offal (especially in rural environments), with the risk of transmission of parasitic diseases. Fortunately, our current pig production systems have several tools of control, prevention and eradication of diseases that make pork a safe food. Like the other ingredients of Summum, it is a high quality meat and has passed favourably numerous safety and hygiene inspections. Furthermore, this meat is subjected to a heat treatment adapted to the product, in order to eliminate potential pathogens.